• Fire proof cabinet Direct supply of safety cabinet
Fire proof cabinet Direct supply of safety cabinet

Fire proof cabinet Direct supply of safety cabinet

Substance classification:
Generally, the classification is based on the stored substances: chemical safety cabinets, document safety cabinets, personal protective equipment safety cabinets, gas cylinder safety cabinets, ventilation safety cabinets, etc.
Product Introduction: Refers to a yellow safety cabinet with a capacity of 12 gallons/45 liters used to store flammable liquids.
Product name: 12 gallon yellow safety cabinet
Product specification: H890 * W590 * D460mm
Adjustable layer board: 1 piece
Door panel type: single door/manual
Product material: high-quality cold-rolled steel plate is selected, with a double-layer fireproof steel plate structure as a whole. There is a 38mm insulation layer between the two layers of steel plates
Product Cabinet: The interior and exterior of the cabinet are coated with lead-free epoxy resin paint, made of 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, phosphating treatment, epoxy resin spraying, and high-temperature curing. The bottom is designed with a leak proof threshold to retain leaked liquid.
Product explosion-proof holes: Vents with safety devices on both sides can effectively reduce injuries to operators in the event of safety accidents.
Product configuration: Three point linkage lock
Safety certification: CE certification, EN certification

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