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What is a clean wardrobe?


A dust-free wardrobe, also known as a clean wardrobe, is a specialized wardrobe for the clean industry. It is widely used for the storage of clean clothes in special occasions in industries such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, electronics, precision instruments, instruments, and food, ensuring that clean clothes are not contaminated by other air during collection and transportation.
Product features:
1. The EBM direct drive high-efficiency centrifugal fan, originally produced in Germany, has low noise, maintenance free, low vibration, long service life, and stable performance.
2. American AAF ultra-high efficiency, ultra-low resistance, PTFE membrane filter - energy-saving over 30%.
3. The Dwyer pressure gauge in the United States indicates the pressure difference on both sides of the high-efficiency filter and promptly reminds to replace the high-efficiency filter.
4. Advanced design, designed according to the US federal standard 209E, with extremely high reliability performance.
5. Pre filters and chemical molecular filters can be added as needed to create a better production environment.
Product configuration:
1. The filtration efficiency is 99.99% @ 0.3um or 99.9995% @ 0.12um
2. The material can be stainless steel, fully cold plate electrostatic spraying, or both.
3. The pressure display can be either digital or pointer display.
4. Optional yellow light/ultraviolet sterilization light.
5. Optional RICHMOND electrostatic ion removal system from the United States.
6. Optional PLC automatic control system.
7. Optional air self circulation system to eliminate secondary pollution.
Product Usage
Dust free wardrobes are dedicated to clean rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, GMP factories, etc. in the air purification industry.

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