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Fan filtration unit


FFU generally refers to the fan filtration unit
Fan Filter Unit is a self powered air supply and filtration device, also known as Fan Filter Unit in English. It is a modular end air supply device with filtration effect. The fan filtration unit sucks in air from the top and filters it through HEPA. The filtered clean air is evenly sent out at a speed of about 0.45m/s ± 20% on the entire air outlet surface.

The FFU fan filter unit can be connected in a modular manner, and is widely used in clean rooms, clean operation platforms, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms, and local level 100 applications. The FFU fan filtration unit can be used to create simple clean workbenches, clean sheds, clean transfer cabinets, and clean wardrobe.

Functional features:
Most FFU fan filter units are made of imported environmentally friendly aluminum zinc coated plates, which are never rusty, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and sturdy. The box body adopts a golden ratio point design, and the FFU fan filter unit is beautiful and generous. The ultra-thin body thickness is only 23cm, and the total thickness of the high-efficiency filter does not exceed 30cm; The weight is only 24kg, which saves space and is convenient for construction, installation, and daily maintenance. The FFU fan filter unit has obvious energy-saving effects, ultra-low noise, uniform air pressure diffusion, uniform and stable wind speed on the outlet surface, low power consumption, and low operating cost. The working life can reach over 50000 hours.
The FFU fan filtration unit is controlled by its company's non-contact induction three speed regulation, and the circuits are all controlled by electrical switches, ensuring safe and stable control. Flexible and diversified configurations: In addition to standard models, non-standard products of different specifications can be produced according to customer needs. For example, changes in the material of the air duct connection flange, filter screen, and box body. The humanized design unit is equipped with stainless steel handles, making transportation and installation more convenient and efficient.

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